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Are you a songwriter, composer or arranger?

EasyKey Music wants to work with you to build a comprehensive library of music. If you know how to create MIDI files and have a Paypal or business account, we secure all licensing, print your song or arrangement in our songbook, and you get paid. Be apart of the music revolution and have people playing your compositions around the world.

Do you have a computer and the equipment and know how to make a MIDI file? Would you like to be part of a revolution, bringing music to the masses around the world? EasyKey Music is looking to increase the size of our sheet music library and so we make this extraordinary offer to you. You provide EasyKey music with an original rendition of ANY song, any genre - either original or cover, appropriate for beginner to advanced level keyboard players, in MIDI format.

If accepted - EasyKey Music will obtain all necessary legal rights to arrange, publish and sell your arrangement in the Visual Music Notation System™ with you as fifty percent (50%) owner along with EasyKey Music. Your songs will be published in a book of sheet music. If you have submitted enough songs for a complete book, you may choose to be part of a solo project, otherwise your songs will be combined with other submissions to form a complete song book.

We will register you as author of appropriate percentage with our publishing company, and they will pay you monthly for all sales of your song book. (Fund paid directly into your PayPal, or bank account*) *Where available No payments or monetary investments are required on your part. Just send us your songs in the MIDI format, then check your PayPal account each month.

Please respond with any question to

Be part of the revolution

EasyKey - Unlocking the world of music

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