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Welcome to the EasyKey Music free trial

Step  1

Download Free demo song - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday - Free EasyKey Demo.pdf

Download a  two sided PDF. Side one contains instructions for reading and understanding the Visual Music Notation System™ and page two contains the song, "Happy Birthday", arranged in the EasyKey notation.

Learn Online - Happy Birthday - Free Trial

If you prefer to use your computer or devices' web browser, you can access this free trial online. Alternatively, you can download the Wix-Spaces app for Android or Apple products and access the free trial on that way.

Free Trial: Files

Step 2

Watch the video: How to use the Visual Music Notation System™

If you have downloaded the free trial song - Happy Birthday, one side contains instructions on how to read the Visual Music Notation System™, and the other side has the song - Happy Birthday. If you are unfamiliar with EasyKey, this video will give you all the basic knowledge will need to read and play music written in the EasyKey notation.

Free Trial: Video

Step 3

Watch video: Reading and playing "Happy Birthday"

Now that you understand how EasyKey works, lets take a look at a real song - Happy Birthday, which is on the other side of the instructions page.

Free Trial: Video

Specific benefits of the Visual Music Notation System versus Standard Music Notation

Here are the top 5 reasons you should use EasyKey products to teach or learn music, for the beginner students.   A notation system that addresses even one of these points would be useful, but when you combine all of these benefits in one easy to use music notation, suddenly the ability to read and play music becomes possible for anyone, anywhere there is a piano or keyboard.

Sheet music on music stand_edited.jpg

1. No key signatures

There is a reason this is number one. Seasoned musicians may appreciate the information a key signature gives you, but when you are a beginner, just learning to read music, the complex transactions necessary to translate what you see into what is supposed to be played is paralysing when you factor in the key signatures. With EasyKey, what you see is what you get, and everything is presented visually – so you know exactly which key to press for how long, and what it’s called and where it’s located on the keyboard.

Sheet Music Over Piano

2. No natural notes

Because there is no key signature, and each note has its own place on the grid, there is no need to tell the reader not to sharpen or flatten a note. You simply should not over-estimate how powerful it is to remove these roadblocks from the sightreading process.

Violin over Sheet Music

3. No tied notes

Due to the limited set of symbols and the unlimited nature of music composition, not every note length can be represented by a symbol in Standard Music Notation, so notes of various length are tied together to symbolize their true length. This causes the music to look muddled and confusing. EasyKey represents keypresses visually, so it looks exactly like what you are doing, and is easy to understand.

Sheet music on music stand

4. No separate clefs and empty space between them.

 Instead of two separate areas with a large empty space between them, EasyKey presents the keyboard in a complete picture, explicitly identifying every key and time period. You never have to guess or wonder. EasyKey literally unlocks the world of music.

Sheet Music Over Piano

5. No rests

In standard music notation, there are symbols to tell you not to play anything, and there are different symbols for different time periods. In EasyKey, if there is nothing in a note’s cell, you don’t play it. Empty space means silence.

Free Trial: Features
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