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Playing Piano

Using the EasyKey Music Website

Whether you are a family, individual, or organization, there are  many options available at EasyKey Music. Lessons and songbooks are available by computer, Android tablet / iPad, or as physical materials you can touch and hold. Regardless of your preference, you should first register and join the EasyKey Music family. This allows you to access the free areas in the forum, download any free products and participate in any free lessons. You can also chat with any members who are currently online. Click the Login button at the top right to begin the sign-up process.

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Free trial - Happy Birthday

Download a two page PDF that you can print out or access on your device. Watch the videos on how to read the Visual Music Notation System, and learn to read the song "Happy Birthday" and see just how easy it is.


Purchase Physical Materials

Once you have registered and logged into the website, choose "Shop" from the top menu to visit our online store, where you can purchase any of our products as physical items. Learning to play the EasyKey Way, as well as all of our various songbooks are available. Individual purchases are handled through our publisher at Online learning thru app or computer, or purchase of the EasyKey Champion, or Learning to play the EasyKey way... complete sets are done here.

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Online Lessons and Song books

If you would prefer to use the family of Visual Music Notation System™ products online thru your computer or on an Android or Apple device, you can do so. Either use the web browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Edge, or youu will need to download the Wix-Spaces app and sign in on your mobile devices. Go to the menu  and select Learn Online. Finally choose  a Songbook or Lesson and a payment method.


Convert MIDI files to EasyKey format

Although EasyKey Music is always working to enlarge our library of songs, perhaps you have a song or two in MIDI format that you'd like to learn to play. Or maybe you are a composer who wants to share their songs with a wider audience. Posting your converted song in the Members area is free, otherwise you can purchase one or multiple conversions.


Music Teacher/ School or Library

Have you recognized the need to provide your beginner students with lessons and songs they can actually understand and utilize? Are you part of a School or Library system that wants to offer music literacy (Online or physical materials) to its members or students? Organisational Subscriptions offer license to copy, print and distribute EasyKey materials as well as multiple online account options.


Are you a songwriter, composer, or arranger?

EasyKey Music wants to work with you to build a comprehensive library of music. If you know how to create MIDI files and have a Paypal or business account, we secure all licensing, print your song or arrangement in our songbook, and you get paid. Be apart of the music revolution and have people playing your compositions around the world.